Bootleg Bundle 3 CD & DVD

Bootleg Bundle 3  CD & DVD
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Bootleg Bundle 3  CD & DVD image 3
Recorded during our Netherlands tour in 2015, this “live” set captures the Bootleg Sixties show in its’ natural habitat – the concert hall. Featuring many of the songs which have become firm favourites, this really is the best representation to date of the excitement of a Bootleg Sixties show...and you can tell by the audience reaction that they thought so too ! Order one now...every car CD player needs a copy....!
The debut live DVD of The Bootleg Sixties show is taken from two magical nights at the Harlow Playhouse in November 2015. The Playhouse, right in the heartland of The Bootleg Sixties’ diehard fanbase, has long been a “ spiritual home” to the show, so it was the perfect place to capture the intensity and excitement of two fantastic performances. With a load of classic moments from the show and a clutch of extras including interviews and an alternative opening number, this really is the definitive guide to the whole Bootleg Sixties live experience !

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